Two Quick Thoughts

Two quick thoughts from the evening.

Dayle and I went to a local Adults with Type 1 meetup after work. One of the people there was relatively new to the Dexcom and was not privy to the ‘multiple lives’ of a sensor. Dayle told her about hitting the reset button after 7 days. I told her about Opsite Flexifix. Pay it forward, yes?

Sidebar: After putting Opsite on my old sensor (I had already been wearing it for about 8 days), the tape lasted longer than the sensor did. Now I’ve started a brand new sensor and Opsite-ed (oopsied?) from Day 1. Between the power of this tape and the durability of these arm sites, I’m expecting at least 21 days from this bad boy. I’ll report back later.

I’ve posted this picture a few times since I went on vacation last weekend but I can’t get over how crazy some of these names are. What would you pick?

Homemade Ice Cream Flavors

You know you want to try Zombie to see if it’ll turn you in to a Zombie

2 thoughts on “Two Quick Thoughts

  1. 21 days! We switched our dkids both to the medtronic cgms, via the Revel pump for our youngest and the guardian for our older (because she has the pod). The medtronic sensor will only last one extra day after reconnect, or that’s as long as we can get them to last. Only thing that stinks about them, having to change a sensor that was real accurate. Miss the dexcom. Nice post.


  2. Sounds about right. My tape is usually still looking okay (sometimes with some edits since I tape on day 1) when my sensor ends.

    One roll of tape lasting over a year is not exactly bad news either.



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