Still Processing

I didn’t think it would take me this long to figure out what I want to say about Roche’s Social Media Summit, and more importantly, how I want to say it. A mere play-by-play breakdown of the 48 hours doesn’t do anyone any good, especially since there will probably be other blog posts that will provide a better breakdown of what went down. It’s probably best I leave those details to others. I’ll be sure to provide links to that content as it’s made available – of course you could always just go through the blogroll too.

Lucky for me, and you, I took a decent number of pictures of my adventures. It’s probably best you start there for my perspective. And be sure to check out the Aston Marton that was hanging out in front of our hotel.

The rest of the pictures are just a click away

Roche paid for my flight, hotel, and dining during my two days in Indianapolis. Commentary about the previously mentioned freebies is entirely optional on my part and in no way influenced by Roche or any affiliated parties. Besides, what fun would that be?

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