Thank You For Ordering Opsite Flexifix

This twitter post was the tipping point. After much procrastination and a little Google-ing, I’ve found Opsite Flexifix at a more-than-reasonable price. I’ll post updates as necessary over the coming weeks.

For now I’ll wait for the UPS truck to arrive and I’ll be carefully reviewing this post from Sara to give me the basics of how this stuff is supposed to work

4 thoughts on “Thank You For Ordering Opsite Flexifix

  1. Thanks for the info and the store link! When I run low on IV3000, maybe I’ll try this stuff. I’d love to know how it’s different than IV3000 — obviously it’s on a roll instead of individual sheets, but anything else? It’s made by the same manufacturer. Looking forward to your updates…


    • The biggest difference? Much stickier! I use IV3000 over my infusion sets because I only need to get 3 days out of them.

      Chris – I don’t always do exactly what I described in my initial post. It depends where I am wearing the Dexcom. Sometimes I just cut four strips (on for each side) to hold down the edges.

      Good luck!


  2. I got the skinnier Flexifix (mind you I’m only on my second sensor), but I put it on the side where it was already starting to come off rather than the whole thing and it still worked amazingly well. I don’t think I’ve ever had a product live up to my expectations like this!



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