Wrong Course

Notify the next of kin, I don’t think this one’s going to last much longer.

Denial is a funny thing. Sometimes you can be in denial about your diabetes – refusing to accept that there’s a complex routine that has become part of your life, and you can’t avoid it. Sometimes you can be in denial about the latest blood glucose test – confident in your diabetes management, there’s no way the number could be that far off expectations.

Other times, forces out of your in control are in conflict with each other and as a result are in denial about their end of life. This here Dexcom sensor has been stuck on my body for fourteen days, not too shabby. But as each hour passes the reliability of this technology becomes more and more fragile. Suddenly I’m torn between my desire to stretch every last minute of as-reliable-as-possible data out of my current sensor and the common sense decision to put on a new sensor as soon as possible.

Of course, I’m in just as much of a state of denial as my Dexcom sensor. It says “No, no, no. I’m still good for at least another three days” and I quickly concur “No, no, no – I can stretch this out for another three days, easy.”

It’s not a healthy rationalization, but every hour of reliable data after this minor detour strengthens the foundation of my decision and the sensor earns a stay of execution for just a little bit longer.

It makes sense if you have diabetes…

(And before you go – yes, I know that denial is a river in Egypt. Don’t be silly.)

2 thoughts on “Wrong Course

  1. You forgot about Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Who’s silly now, cutestuff? 🙂



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