Vacation Mode

Normally, when I forget to post something on time, I just change the time stamp and pretend nothing happened. I’ll ignore this tendency tonight.

As of 5:03pm on Friday, Dayle and I are in vacation mode for the next 8-ish days. It’s exciting. A real, proper, vacation. To celebrate, here’s a post from Dayle. 🙂

I’m writing this at 11pm on a Saturday night. Normally I’d have gone to bed about two hours ago, even on a weekend, but tonight is different because we’re officially in vacation mode!

Chris and I planned our trip to Orlando for the Friends for Life conference in January and we’ve been looking forward to this week since then. It will my first time as an attendee, and not representing my former employer. But when I told people I was going on vacation and where I was headed, it’s been a little lost in translation:

“That’s great you’re going on vacation! Where are you headed?”

“We’re going to Orlando for a conference!”

“For work?”

“No, it’s a conference for and about people with diabetes!”


“A lot of our friends will be there… it’s cool… it’s not like a work conference… seriously, it’s cool!”


I have yet to find a way to navigate this conversation without being exclusive to friend and colleagues without diabetes, or without sounding completely narcissistic (“No, it’s cool – it’s about US!”). It’s not easy – but I guess the silver lining is that now we’re in vacation mode and there is no need for us to explain it to anyone. (And we get to stay up as late as we want!)

…then again, if I were going to try to explain it again, I might say “It’s like Comic Con for people with diabetes.” Think that would work?

// Expect all kinds of pictures, tweets, and posts about Florida, Friends for Life, and the many shenanigans we will be getting in to over the next week. So exciting!

3 thoughts on “Vacation Mode

  1. That makes me wonder: What is diabetes cosplay like? There must be more to it than dozens of people dressed up as Captain Glucose or Meter Boy… or Sprinkles.



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