Yesterday Was A Good Day

One…Two…THREE used pen needles. Ah..ha…haaaaa

Diabetes and I don’t often get along. It seems this is the case more often than not recently, which is especially frustrating when there are more important things worth my time – like carrots!

Each morning I put six fresh insulin pen needles in my right pocket as I prepare to do battle with the day, rush hour, and the tasks my job will throw at me. There are enough ups and downs in a given day independent of what diabetes influences, this is no surprise to most of you, so any day that I can minimize diabetes-related shenanigans (Code Name: Diabetigans) is a good day.

These three used pen needles were all that were necessary to get through work on Monday. One for the morning’s Lantus, one for breakfast, one for dinner. By the time I got home my blood glucose was a comfortable 89 mg/dL. Spendid.

Thankfully the days that end with six used needles in my left pocket before dinner are few and far between.

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