Diabetes Blog Week 2012 – Diabetes Hero

“Let’s end our week on a high note and blog about our “Diabetes Hero”. It can be anyone you’d like to recognize or admire, someone you know personally or not, someone with diabetes or maybe a Type 3. It might be a fabulous endo or CDE. It could be a d-celebrity or role-model. It could be another DOC member. It’s up to you – who is your Diabetes Hero??”

I thought about this one for a decent amount of time (relative to the normal, “just wing it” approach I typically take to these blog posts). I suppose I could have written a brief tribute to Kerri, who I credit as my first “discovery” into the diabetes online community. Most of my social media presence (this blog, the podcast, the twitters) can be blamed on her. Kind of. I’ve certainly branched out from the early years, but it all started because I found her blog.

But there’s more than that. Finding Kerri led to me finding Scott and George. Find those two led me to Dana. And it’s her cupcake shenanigans that brought me and Dayle together.

So, my Diabetes Hero is the Internet. I cannot even imagine what it would take to imagine where I would be without the strength and influence of the diabetes community. If you’re looking for a more specific list of Diabetes Heroes, start with this group of Diabetes Blog Week participants.

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