Social Media is About

I’m not an expert on how this social media thing is supposed to work. I tweet. I blog. I podcast. I tumble. I even Instagram. But I genuinely have no idea what I’m doing. I think that’s part of the fun. Guess and check, after all, is the most scientific of the methods.

What I was trying to say was that the diabetes online community experience is contingent on interactions and building relationships. It’s the daily back and forth about this and that that makes this community what it is. So when you really need us, we’ll be there.

We’ll be there in Facebook Likes, retweets, replies, comments, phone calls, text messages, virtual hugs, virtual Diet Cokes (or Diet Pepsi if you’re feeling adventurous). The responses and feedback may not always be immediate, but it will come – especially when you need it most.


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