Predetermined Nonsense

I popped a 44 mg/dL before we ate lunch today. Lunch didn’t exactly go well after that, but I think things were already predetermined to not go well over an hour before that. Because diabetes is anything but logical.

Looking back at it, I clearly overcorrected for a high blood glucose, caused in part by the hotel breakfast we ate that morning. Once I saw the 44 at lunch, I started eating the free chips. I didn’t stop eating those chips until about 2 minutes before our meal arrived.

Controlling food intake when you’re low is one of the toughest non-medicinal diabetes treatment techniques a person with diabetes has to negotiate. And it’s one of the many things that no one ever warns you about when you’re diagnosed.

When you see a number that low, all you care about is raising your blood glucose to normal. Time stops when you see a number that low. So I ate. And ate. And ate. By the time lunch arrived, I felt like crap and could barely manage half of my meal. Lunch wasn’t exactly a waste, but the experience certainly could have been better.

So the ruined lunch was caused by the overcorrected low blood glucose that resulted from an overcorrected high blood glucose that resulted from a miscalculated bolus for breakfast.

Even though I can trace back each misstep, it still doesn’t make me feel any better. Half of the day was spent chasing “normal”. It’s an endless cycle.

5 thoughts on “Predetermined Nonsense

  1. It’s posts like these that make me grateful for discovering all of you wonderful people out there. I am not alone. You know EXACTLY what it’s like! Thanks for writing about it.


  2. This scenario is always a vicious cycle. I used to over correct all the time, but my endo has really been helping me out with that (only juice or the nasty tablets). I did have a very odd exception to this scenario though. The other day I was in class and read a 65, so I started eating a few glucose tabs. Class was over in five minutes, so I went to get an iced tea from the vending machine. I drank a few big gulps and checked again. I was 42. WOW! So I drank a few more huge gulps and 10 minutes later i was 70. I had to drive three hours home so I decided to just drink the rest of the iced tea and got a snickers for the road. I eventually ate the snickers (being bad). When i got home, I was only 165. I was expecting to see at least 230 with all the sugar I was drinking/eating.
    i guess sometimes we never know how low we were actually getting until we start eating!



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