Enter BG

You’d think this is the easy part of using the Dexcom. If you ignore the receiver for long enough it’ll ask for a blood glucose reading to make sure things are properly aligned. But, this device doesn’t comprehend the emotional toll of a single blood test.


Did I take enough insulin?

Did I have enough to eat for the insulin I took?

Did I eat too much?

Am I out of low-treating snacks?

Do I really want to know what my blood glucose is right now?

How old is this sensor? Should I change it?

Crap, I need to reorder test strips.

The act of testing my blood glucose is simple, but there’s always baggage. Nothing about diabetes is simple.

2 thoughts on “Enter BG

  1. I have a thing against entering a number if it’s not what I want it to be, and as a result I avoid testing even when Dex wants a number if I don’t think it’ll be one that I want to enter. I’m working on that…



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