Diabetes, the Helpful

On the surface, it’s weird to think that something like diabetes can have a positive impact on someone’s life. That diabetes can be helpful. Diabetes is unrelenting. It demands constant attention and even when you have both eyes on it, it manages to run amok anyway. Control is a relative term when it comes to living with diabetes, and as a result it’s tough to associate positive emotions with this disease – but when you look deeper, the good is there.

Good can be found at airports. On YouTube. In the heart of Ninjas. And certainly all over Twitter.

Yes, diabetes sucks. And yes, plenty of good can be found despite (and because of) this disease. As is the case with managing diabetes, it’s all about balance.

Accept the bad, cherish the good and celebrate the great.

One thought on “Diabetes, the Helpful

  1. Definitely a good with having diabetes. I know what foods are good, bad, and horrible for people. I pay more attention to foods than most others. Thankfully for that, my future children will be healthy and aware. I will know what snacks for them are actually horrible and which ones are worth the snack!



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