Goodbye Old Friend

This sensor lasted 24 days without a hitch. Then the ever-popular phantom leap as my actual blood glucose was actually miles away from what the Dexcom was reporting. This was a sign of the Ragnarok, but I ignored the signs.

This can't be good

I had grand plans of reimagining ‘The Raven‘ into something about my dying Dexcom sensor but my literary imaginings are a bit over-ambitious. Surely one of you is up to the task? (Assuming it hasn’t already been done…)

Once upon a morning dreary, while I tested, ring and pinky,
Over many a quaint and curious blog post of a diabetes sore,
While I waited, nearly sleeping, suddenly there came a beeping,
I heard my dexcom silently weaping, weaping at the blood test’s score.
” ‘Tis inaccurate,” I muttered, “you silly blood test score;
Only this, and nothing more.”

After twenty-four days, I shouldn’t complain.


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