In clearing out portions of my Google Reader queue I noticed this piece from Nielsen Wire about tablet and smartphone use while watching tv. It’s interesting to see which countries/cultures are more apt to multitasking while consuming content. I’d be curious to see how age factors into those results too. Something tells me the younger generations are more likely to be on their phone or tablet while their favorite episode of Glee is on. Honestly though, multitasking while you’re watching television is small potatoes.

For all the multitasking efforts required to keep up with Twitter and the latest developments in Mad Men, try living with diabetes. Aside from parenthood (I can’t speak to that, but I assume there’s a lot to it), diabetes is one of the most extreme multitasking activities I can think of. Constantly managing blood glucose, activity level, stress levels, insulin on board, insulin about to be delivered, carb intake, general shenanigans…the list goes on and on. And that’s just for breakfast. This song and dance goes on throughout the day, every day.

It. Does. Not. End.

I guess that means being a parent with diabetes is the ultimate ultimate multitasking adventure, right?


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