Accepting Acceptance

I’ve been in an interesting position blogically speaking (which almost looks like biologically speaking, so please take care as you read that fake word) with respect to finding something to write about – particularly about my diabetes. As hectic as life is right now, I’m doing a somewhat-better-than-average job of keeping my blood glucose in range. There are certainly highs, and naturally there are a number of lows that come with the daily dealings of diabetes but I’m doing a better job of taking things in stride. I like that.

The problem, if it’s even fair to call it that is, is that this is supposed to be a blog first and foremost about my life with diabetes. For me, my creativity is at its best when diabetes is not cooperating. That’s when I’m challenged to find analogies and metaphors to describe what I feel and experience. That’s when I feel like I’m doing my part to advocate for awareness and understanding. Ironically it takes a moment of weakness to give me purpose and eventually strength.

But when things aren’t hectic, I just take a picture of my CGM and call that content. When there is calm, I can worry about other things, like how to deal with the lack of sunlight on our back porch and how that’s going to impact the tomatoes, peas and carrots growing out there. Or how long it’ll be before I’m confident in my podcast editing in Garage Band.

So here’s another picture of my CGM. I’d say I’m hoping for a rough patch so I’ll have something more interesting to write about, but if a less interesting blog means better control diabetically speaking, I guess another CGM picture isn’t that bad.

Yes, by talking about control I'm guaranteeing a lack of it in the near future. Oh well.


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