Fruit Computer

Sometimes I forget to post something and “secretly” adjust the timestamps so it looks like I maintain my during-the-week post schedule. I’m not going to do that with this one.

This post is being composed on a MacBook Air.

I miss right-clicking things.

But multi-touch is nice.

Legitimate impressions (and silly pictures illustrating how impossibly thin this thing is) will follow, but first I need to figure out how easy it will be recording and editing a podcast on this thing.

One thought on “Fruit Computer

  1. Just incase you don’t know… one finger = left click, two fingers = right click. If you click the apple in the top left, then go to system settings, theres an option in there somewhere to make it accept ‘taps’ as clicks instead of making you physically press the trackpad. Also, multi button mice work perfectly well with an i-device. 🙂



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