All Inclusive

I’m still trying to wrap my head around part of the conversation I had with Kerri on this Just Talking Revisit about support for those that support us. There are blogs by people with all types of diabetes and blogs by parents of children with diabetes but the next frontier may be blogs by friends of people with diabetes.

I’m not sure if we’re ready for that kind of perspective yet – there’s something about a non-familial third-person perspective on someone’s diabetes that gives me a creepy stalker vibe – but for every ounce of support we people with diabetes need when it comes to dealing with this disease, it would be foolish (and almost selfish) to think that we are the only people that are affected by this disease.

There’s a lot of talk about trying to turn the diabetes online community into the the diabetes community at-large. Hopefully we don’t forget all aspects of our support systems as this expansion continues.

One thought on “All Inclusive

  1. Do Twitter responses to #bgnow tweets count? I feel like my friends can only react to me reacting to my diabetes, which goes along with that whole “invisible disease” concept. If I’m freaked out, they freak out. If I’m cool, they’re cool. Do they have independent thoughts and ideas about it? Of course and it would be cool to see that sometimes. I might feel differently about my friends if I knew they were judging me for my diabetes. But maybe I’d also love them for having my back regardless of my pancreatic function…



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