Dream Job

Meagan Marie, Communications and Community Manager for Crystal Dynamics joins me for the newest episode of Just Talking. We spend plenty of time talking about her path through the video game industry including her work at Game Informer, her approach to community management at Crystal Dynamics and the variety of platforms that Tomb Raider fans can connect on. We also dig into her experience with cosplay and how she was able to attend the Gears of War 3 launch event in Paris. And we finish up with some talk about how women are treated within the geek culture and why there’s hope for the future. Enjoy.

As is often the case with these podcasts, there’s too much to talk about and not enough time to cover everything. The latest example is Meagan’s Game Industry FAQ. If you’re interested in what it takes to get invovled, you should give this a read.

Meagan has a lot going on but the best places to keep up with her are on Twitter @MeaganMarie and her blog at meagan-marie.tumblr.com.

Run Time – 57:19

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