Keep Calm, Carry Test Strips.


This, right here is what life with diabetes is about.

Go about your business, because as important as it is, there’s more to life than diabetes. When the time comes to acknowledge and react, do so as rationally as possible. There will be bumps and dips but for the most part life carries on. Do what you can to stay “between the lines” but (and here’s the hard part) try not to blame yourself for the missteps.

There will be plenty of opportunities to try again.

Have a great weekend.

PS. Dayle’s home!

WordPress. Just one more thing Droid Does.

One thought on “Keep Calm, Carry Test Strips.

  1. Good advice! It’s hard not to take the numbers personally when there’s a high “high” or a really low “low”. I usually blame myself and that just increases stress which makes it worse. But I’ll remember your saying!



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