What Some Would Call Lies

Mike Lawson is on the podcast this week talking about his life with diabetes including his initial misdiagnosis and the impact of the online community on his life. We also discuss social media efforts of major pharmaceutical companies and how there’s reason for hope, just not in the immediate future. There’s also talk about his blog and podcast, What Some Would Call Lies, the origins of something he calls “Mirror Mantras”, Glee and coming out to friends and family. Some of our talk gets quite real, but it’s well worth the listen. Enjoy.

Follow Mike on Twitter at @MrMikeLawson and keep up with his podcast at whatsomewouldcalllies.com.

Run Time – 57:32

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One thought on “What Some Would Call Lies

  1. i was so hoping “phd in podcasting” was a dr. horrible reference!

    there’s a tumblr that posts cool stuff on netflix streaming, but it’s erratically updated. i was hoping you would say you’d watch bad shows on netflix and podcast it mst3k style and the listeners could watch along and listen to the podcast at the same time. but i think someone else already does that. but it doesn’t have your voice, so.

    i so enjoyed your TV talk, including glee, himym and lost!

    omg picture downloads! remember they would appear like a centimeter at a time so you would be staring at the top of the pic wondering what the heck was in the rest as it inched…slowly…down?

    awesome talk guys! thanks for sharing your hour with me! 🙂



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