Ferris Bueller

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Somewhat related to this quote, I’m trying to make a better effort at reading more consistently throughout the week. Weekends are fun and as the weather warms up I’m sure I’ll be spending a good number of afternoons on my back balcony enjoying the sun and a (hopefully) good book, but during the week? That’s a different animal. Obviously, I’m working most of the time so it’s not like I can just clock out for an hour to put a few chapters behind me, except during lunch. The past few days I’ve taken full advantage of my lunch break by having the last installment of The Hunger Games join me for lunch. It turns out there are a few nifty benefits to reading during lunch.

  1. If I bolus for lunch, then read a chapter or two, that usually gives the insulin enough time to start doing its thing – improving my post-meal blood glucose control.
  2. If I read while I’m eating I pace myself. Rather than scarf down everything in a hurry, my meal is more like a meal instead of the next chore in my diabetes management.
  3. If my day has been particularly stressful, focusing on the book brings me back to zen. Or close to it. This definitely helps with morale and the like.
  4. There’s a bench under some trees outside. If the weather is ever as nice as it was today, I can enjoy lunch and my book outside. And I can take nifty photos like this one.

So good.

Not too shabby.

3 thoughts on “Ferris Bueller

  1. Hah! Reading a chapter between bolus and meal; awesome Idea! I’m actually reading the first book of The Hunger Games series and I also am on the third book of Game Of Thrones. (A Storm of Swords). I can’t wait until it’s nice enough to go out and read!



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