“That’s the thing they don’t tell you about trying to manage your diabetes in public – trying not to inconvenience everybody is going to really be an inconvenience to you.”

(The missing phrase in this video was “insulin injections into my thighs, through my pants.)

4 thoughts on “Inconveniences

  1. hah! When I would inject insulin in public, sometimes I’d get the awesome comment “I would die if I would have to use needles!” So I’d reply back with a “If I don’t, I -will- die.” I had stopped going out to restaurants until I got my insulin pump. I understand how embarrassing it can get when putting the needle on and using your pen, but keep your head high… And your blood off your pants!

    And as for CSI: “Looks like this diabetic…” *Puts glasses on* “…Missed his shot.”



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