Taking a Stand

Last Friday I had a frustrating revelation. Commuting for close to three hours plus sitting at my desk for at least eight hours means at least eleven hours sitting still during the work day. Sure, I walk across the street to get lunch sometimes but for the most part I’m stationary. I hate it. So I decided to take a stand. Literally.

I stood up at my desk for the last few hours of that day and came in to work at the beginning of the week determined to give this thing a try. A full week later I can safely report that Chuck Taylor’s are not very comfortable.

Temporary until I get my desk raised.

And I’ve been standing at my desk for a full week without any crazy horror stories to tell.

I sit down at meetings, obviously, and if there’s a pow wow happening in my cube then I’ll sit but when I’m just here doing my work, I’m on my feet.

I don’t know if there’s any immediate health benefits to report on just yet, but I don’t feel any worse physically. I have gotten plenty of odd looks and had a good number of fun conversations about this choice.

“Do you have an aversion to your chair?” “No, I just felt like standing.”

I feel kinda like Forrest Gump. (Skip to 3:15 for the line you already know is coming)

This isn’t the start of a revolution or anything, but I do feel a little better at the end of the day. So that’s a start.

(I encourage “stand” related puns in the comments, if you feel inclined to comment. Assuming you can think of a pun you’re willing to stand behind.)

10 thoughts on “Taking a Stand

  1. I stand by this slightly nutty decision of yours. Could I be *leaning* toward envy?

    (How fitting that we’re going to see a stand-up comedian this weekend!)


  2. Even though you probably stand out to your co-workers, I’m sure you’re confidently standing tall in your decision. But on a personal note, I just can’t stand it. This is one of my favorite posts from you yet! I stand proud to call you a friend. 😉


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  4. I’ll have to sit this one out. (OK, I know from personal experience that comments on old posts are almost always spam. I am not a spammer, nor can I cut you a deal on counterfeit fashion accessories.



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