Not just hope for me. Not just hope for her. Hope for everyone dealing with this disease. Hope for the children whose parents pray their blood glucose stays stable overnight. Hope for the families dealing with the rush of confusion upon learning of a loved one’s diagnosis. Hope for the 50 year veterans, proving that life does not end with diabetes. Hope for the people working tirelessly to end this madness.


It’s that hope that we cling to, regardless of what you think the end game may be, assuming you think there will be and end game for diabetes. Trying to remain positive through the ups and downs of diabetes is one of the most difficult pieces of proper diabetes management. They don’t teach it to you when you’re sitting in that hospital bed. You won’t read about it in any books. You just have to believe – in something. And when in doubt, please remember, You Can Do This.

Be sure to check out the Hope on Your Hand Facebook page for all the contributions. It’s inspiring stuff.

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