Quick Thought for the Weekend

For the three day weekend.*

I’ve noticed my insulin has been acting a bit more aggressively, or perhaps like insulin normally does, since I’ve started injecting into my legs more often. It’s almost like my legs have an entirely different insulin/carb ratio.

This probably isn’t news for my eager-readers on an insulin pump, so I ask you all: which sites have the best insulin absorption? Is it just a matter of the properly rotating sites to keep things relatively uniform and consistent?

Enjoy the extra day off.

One thought on “Quick Thought for the Weekend

  1. I predominantly use the pump, but occasionally take pump breaks because I experience really bad pain and scar tissue in the cites I use regularly. I have a pretty small build and I can really only insert infusion sets in my lower stomach and butt. However, in my butt it always hurts and I can feel myself sitting on it a bit, and I have over used my stomach to the point that I have developed scar tissue and wasn’t absorbing any insulin and I would wake up to multiple no delivery alarms and blood sugars in the 400’s. My pump rep told me not to use my stomach for 6 months so I am doing injections now cuz I can put them in my arms/butt. I can’t put anything in my thighs. They are really muscular, and any time I’ve tried I’ve bled a bunch and it hurt super bad. So I sort of alternate back and forth between shots and the pump cuz they are both convenient for different reasons. Otherwise, I have found that I get pretty equal absorption with the exception of my stomach problems. Which really sucks, because that’s where it was almost most comfortable shots or not! If you check out my blog, my first post is actually about using the pump vs. shots.



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