Dead Meter

I think my meter officially died today. Normally the low battery indication just means replace the batteries. Normally the weird book indicator just means it’s time to upload the readings to clear out the memory. When both show up at the same time and a fresh test strip is greeted with an ‘Er4’, after changing the batteries and uploading the data, this meter has officially tested its last drop of blood.

My trusty Bart Allen is no more.

I have an endocrinologist appointment in a week. I think I’ve done a solid job of quickly correcting highs over the past three months. I’m very curious to see if the almighty A1c reflects this continuous effort.

Also, new blog header here and new layout for the Just Talking podcast blog. I guess changing a meter makes a nice set of “new” for February. Stay positive, right?

One thought on “Dead Meter

  1. I like the new header. I’ve been trying to change mine on the first of every month.

    I am a little jealous of the time you are spending with your camera. Mine’s been in the shop since the middle of January.



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