Your Diabetes May Vary

Bennet Dunlap joins me this week to talk about raising two children with diabetes, what makes Disney a special place, his favorite Top Gear episodes, sports in Philadelphia and most importantly, the power of community support. I often stand on a soap box and sing high praises of what the diabetes online community is capable of, Bennet provides plenty of examples over the next hour of how a network of apparent strangers can make all the difference in the lives of the people you care about most. Oh, and there’s also some discussion about the shoes people wear at Disney World. You’ll have to listen to understand what that one is about. Enjoy.

Bennet blogs over at and tweets @BadShoe.

Run Time – 1:05:45

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2 thoughts on “Your Diabetes May Vary

  1. fantastic work, gentlemen! i look forward to the FFL podcast extravaganza as well!

    fun fact: an influential email exchange with bennet was strongly to blame for my attendance at FFL last year for my first time. yay!



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