Saving the Remainder

This isn’t a math problem, but I’m curious: how many of you CGM users out there keep every piece of trash/used material that goes with a sensor change until you toss the sensor? Just me? Surely that can’t be the case.

That book is pretty funny. You should check it out.

I know the only thing you really need to keep is the senor packaging for identification purposes but it just seemed like the natural thing to do to keep everything together.

In less-weird news, Dayle and I booked our flight, stay and car rental in Orlando for Friends for Life. I had a rather green hue about me during last year’s conference following everyone’s tweets, status updates, blog posts and photos. I’ve made so many connections over the past few years that it feels like a genuine disservice to the community to not participate in something as entertaining as Friends for Life. Sure, there are financial considerations to factor that prohibit some people from going – I’m not taking away from the real world. But what good is all of this social media stuff if we’re not Social?

I may not get to every meetup in the world, but I try to make the most out of the opportunities I have. Even if it’s only for a few minutes.

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