Resolve (Not the Carpet Cleaner)

Last week’s DSMA chat topic was, naturally about the new year and how diabetes factors into resolutions and motivations to better one’s self. Physically, mentally, spiritually…diabetically – improvement can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. My initial response to the idea of diabetes-based resolutions was one of doubt and skepticism. I don’t make diabetes specific resolutions, in part because my constitution and general make up is not conducive to fulfilling the goals I set at the beginning of the year. I suppose there’s a larger problem there that could be addressed but I have enough on my plate to worry about. There’s always next year for stuff like that, right?

For me, a “resolution” has the unfortunate characteristic of being abandoned at some point in the year. It’s nice to have them, but I don’t expect to real goals that are arbitrarily set just because the calendar says January 1. It’s a rather cold view of the world, yes, but it’s my view of things.

Losing weight, exercising more, eating better – while vague, these are all components of proper diabetes care, regardless of what day it is. Once I figure out what works for me, I can set intermediate goals of losing 5 pounds, putting down 3 hours a week on the elliptical machine, always having at least one vegetable and fruit serving with dinner – but I have to do these in my own time if they are going to work. I’m not trying to be all “stupid conformists” but my brain just doesn’t work like the rest.

So yes, I do plan on working my A1c down a bit more from my last visit by better utilizing my Dexcom data. Yes I want to fit into my suits, comfortably, again. And maybe, I’ll better build my healthcare team to the point that they don’t just spit out prescription slips. But for me the motivation has to be stronger than “Happy New Year.”

Re-reading this post, I come off a bit heartless. It’s not that resolutions and goal setting is bad or a fruitless endeavor – I just find my motivation elsewhere and that is what dictates how/when these goals will be set and ultimately met.

Because I’m definitely going to meet them. Head on.

One thought on “Resolve (Not the Carpet Cleaner)

  1. i totally believe that you will meet them head on, when you’re ready.

    i’m not a resolution-maker either. i have better luck focusing on one thing at a time. otherwise i just get totally overwhelmed and give up! 😉



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