Caption(s) Needed

Sorry. Today is a wash.

I’ve been losing too much time trying to put captions and descriptions on all the photos I’ve taken and uploaded over the past…forever.

Taking a global look at the moments I choose to capture, specifically with my phone, it’s clear 1. I have diabetes and 2. my CGM gets way too much attention.

I know Dexcom is working on getting a sensor that is approved for 10 days of use through the FDA, but they really need to work on an extension of their USB cord that automatically captures an image of your 24-hour display. If it were part of the data capture process, I think a great number of people with diabetes would be more connected to the stream of data that is collected and (in my case) mostly ignored.

Using this device as a retroactive learning tool is the real power of the CGM. That’s where diabetes management takes the “next step”. But honestly the whole process doesn’t appeal to me. Sad as it is to say/type – I, a guy whose job is ANALYTICS, have minimal interest in the data collected by my CGM.


If this data was passively and somewhat automatically collected each time I connect my CGM to my computer with the primary purpose of capturing another 24-hour graph, my excuses would dwindle.

It could happen.


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