Wall of Fame

Ever since Dayle gave me this photo I’ve had the grand idea of using the main stairwell as a wall of pictures chronicling our adventures. Now that I have a fancy new camera, the photo moto…mojo… (ah, that’s it) motivation to take more pictures of the stuff we do is quite high. I’m also hoping this will help keep me motivated to try new things. I’m not nearly as outgoing as my charming personality might indicate.

The theme is smiles. I think we can handle that.

I’m somewhat solving this with Jersey Boys this weekend and the Ballet next month, but there are plenty of other options, especially as the weather eventually warms up. It’s just a matter of doing something about it.

But now that there’s a start to filling the hallway with our smiles, I have a feeling the motivation will be a little bit easier to come by.

All smiles. Just point and shoot.

2 thoughts on “Wall of Fame

  1. Good timing – today we got the photos that were taken at the UN Foundation’s staff holiday party and… I have another picture for the wall!

    (And in this one, everyone will agree you look waaaaay better than me. But I’m okay with that)




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