More Fun in Alabama

Yesterday Dayle and I drove over to hang out with Holly and her husband to catch up on chili recipes, Holly’s pregnancy and something called Cat Yodelling (which started with this video). We also recorded an episode of Just Talking, which will be posted next week. It will be a great way to start the new year.

Also at the Ramey’s was this thing called Indoor S’mores. Make sure you have plenty of insulin on hand – you will certainly need it. But boy, oh boy was it good.

Indoor S'mores

Other highlights include hanging out with Dayle’s Mom’s dog, Dayle’s Sister’s dog and eating way too much food at Maggiano’s. All vacations should be like this.

This is Jake.

This is Stella.

Heather and Dayle 🙂

Smile 🙂

Dessert at Maggiano's


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