My Sister

Presenting the last podcast of 2011. Episode 115 features my sister Jeanette. Recorded on Christmas day, we talk about life with me as a big brother, Undergraduate adventures at the College of William and Mary, Graduate adventures at the University of Maryland, PhD programs and the biggest challenges facing minority students. Jeanette is one of those most passionate and driven people I know and it was an honor to haveher on my podcast. Enjoy.

Run Time – 48:08

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3 thoughts on “My Sister

  1. I am very proud of you both for this podcast. Jeanette was right. You were both very “good children” and now you are wonderful adults…most of the time :-). Just “keeping it real”.

    If you are so blessed to have children, I hope they turn out like each of you. By that I mean Christopher, I hope you have a “little Jeanette” and JCS I hope you have “little Christopher”. It will be very entertaining for me to see you handle raising children like each other :-).



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