Christmas Time

Christmas in Herndon

Merry Christmas, my eager-readers. As previously mentioned, I’m currently in the middle of a five-part Christmas Marathon with Dayle. Our adventure started at home in Phase One. Ohio (together) for Phase Two. We split up to conguer Virginia and Alabama in Phase Three. Teamed up to finish off Huntsville in Phase Four and we will end our journey back in Virginia for Phase Five. It’s a lot – but it’s been worth it so far.

As mentioned, I’m going to try to do a better job of documenting my adventures thanks to this super-sweet camera Dayle got me for Christmas. These photos are an example of what the camera is capable of. As my “ability” to capture a moment in a photograph improves, I’m sure this blog will see some kind of tangible improvement.

With respect to the hectic holiday season – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being able to share so many great moments with friends and family from all over the country is a true blessing.

I hope your holiday adventures were just as awesome as mine continue to be.

Christmas in Huntsville

5 thoughts on “Christmas Time

    • We have Bert and Ernie on ice skates somewhere on that tree. Not sure how old they are but they’ve been around for a while. New ornaments are great but the old ones get priority on the tree. Like you do 🙂



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