Fancy New Toys


So I got a new camera from Dayle for Christmas. It’s pretty sweet. This means a few things for me, us and even this blog. All exciting.

First and foremost, photo quality will increase dramatically. Even the short time I’ve spent with this thing has been enough of an experience to know this camera and I will work well together. I will post some early examples when I’m reunited with my computer.

This also means we get to fulfill my modest home-decoration goal of having photos of me and Dayle cover the wall on the stairwell in the condo. For some reason that wall makes perfect sense for something like that.

Finally, this means I will actually give my Flickr account some much needed attention. Rather than just have it collect virtual dust on the stuff I’ve uploaded in the past, I will be injecting fresh content over there. So if you are the kind of person that likes to see pictures of…whatever: stay tuned.

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