Twelve Days of Christmas

By my count, there actually will be 11 days of Christmas, but twelve has a nice ring to it. This year Dayle and I are going to hit up every household in our network for Christmas. It’ll be hectic and most certainly awesome. However, the logistics of Christmas 2011 can only be properly outlined in a nifty bullet-point format.

  • Wednesday night we’re exchanging gifts between the two of us. I got her a soinealksnf, and a pair of taoinca oc aoicnedli#( and also aoidn(*slkanL.
  • Thursday we’re driving up to Ohio to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family. I believe presents will be exchanged Friday after lunch.
  • Friday afternoon I drop Dayle off at the airport to fly to Hunstsville. The rest of us will drive back to Virginia Saturday morning.
  • Sunday is Christmas. More presents.
  • Monday I fly to Huntsville. More presents.
  • Friday we fly back to Virginia. Final round of presents between the VA Snider’s and Dayle.

It’s madness, but it will certainly be a lot of fun.

Do you have (m)any travel plans for the rest of the year?


Made this during my lunch break. Because pictures are worth their weight in words or something like that:

Travel by map. Like the Muppets

Christmas 2011, via animated gif.

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