Ghost Protocol


Yes, the Air and Space Museum is mere minutes from my home. Yes, I’ve never actually been to the Air and Space Museum despite it’s proximity. For what it’s worth, I intend to fix that real soon. As indicated by these tickets, there is also an IMAX theater there too.

As for the movie – tons of fun. I think this movie removes any doubt of Brad Bird’s ability to direct a live-action movie. Tom Cruise – and I mean this as a complement – showed his age. He was a very fit fifty-year old on the screen.

If you can see this movie in IMAX. The scenes in Dubai were stunning. The action sequences were dynamic and the overall ride was well worth the price of admission.

There was also the matter of the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises. I was already in board for Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his Batman trilogy but this solidifies it. I will be there opening night, likely at Udvar-Hazy. Bring it on.

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