Wild Pitch

For better or worse, my online identity, or at least this blog has generated enough “buzz” to earn the attention of communications professionals looking to spread awareness of their product, good or service. It’s note exactly a goal of mine to get pitched random stuff from time to time but I don’t want to completely discount all of these emails. After all, a PR pitch was how I managed to get Chuck Eichten on my podcast. But not every pitch is a well-crafted piece of literature. Some lose me at the subject of the email, with the opening or just generally don’t match with my interests. I can’t fault that last category, the only way to find out if a pitch will work is to send it out. It may not connect with everyone, but it may connect with someone. I suppose that’s the risk of PR. At any rate, this blog post is dedicated to the pitches that missed the mark.

Subject: Attention SINGLE GIRLS! – Looking for your Leading Man? Maybe if I was casting for a movie. Or if I was single. Or if I was a woman. Am I a man…or a muppet?

Subject: Get creative with condoms to win an iPad2! Among my thoughts reading through this one…

Why am I getting this? How is this contest hosted on Facebook? Do balloon animals qualify as ‘creative’?…I guess that would be condom animals? Ugh

Body: “Not trying to sell you. Just would like to introduce myself and our work.” Then proceed to sell me on your mobile application? Do these sentences read weird to anyone else?

Subject: Syracuse Sex Allegation / National Sex Addiction Expert George N. Collins Speaks Out Again, why am I getting this? This is still a blog primarily about diabetes, right? Maybe I need to better focus my post topics.

Subject: Attention: Blog Editor…Hostess with the Mostest this Christmas with great wine pairings Attention email sender, my name is not Blog Editor. There are better ways to personalize an email going out to potentially hundreds of recipients. Aren’t there?

Subject: Smart Cremation First To Offer Pre-Need Cremation Plans On Amazon.com New winner for ‘Why Am I Receiving This?’

Subject: Don’t Let Drunk Facebooking Happen To You! – FREE HOLIDAY PARTY (SOCIAL MEDIA) SOBRIETY TEST APP I spoke too soon…

I get that PR isn’t easy, but there needs to be a better way to make a first impression. Part of me thinks that I may become desensitized to this kind of nonsense. But another part thinks that these less than successful pitches are just paving the way for the ones that do make a genuine connection. Maybe that’s just me.

One thought on “Wild Pitch

  1. WOW, those sure are doozies, Blog Editor/Single Girl!
    As of late I’ve gotten so many Weight loss PR Pitches that they’ve inspired me to tweet #doesthisPRPitchmakemelookfat ? Not to mention health & wellness, most of which are neither healthy or good for my well being.



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