Excessive Documentation

Scrolling through the photos on my phone I notice a particular theme within the archives – one that many a person with diabetes, specifically Dexcom users are aware of. An unhealthy amount of these photos are of a 24-hour graph. I suppose this could be a hint that I need to get out more. Or that I obsess over this device. For the sake of this post, let’s assume it’s Door #2.

I know better, but I still focus on the number of the moment. Be it A1c, current blood glucose reading or whatever my CGM says, despite the variability of each of these measurements…it’s all about that number. Taking a picture archives that moment of diabetes management. Good or bad – whatever “bad” qualifies as – it does not matter. For whatever reason, having some kind of record is important.

There’s no post-game analysis going on. Truthfully I only share one picture for every five or six I take. What gives? Are there any noteworthy reasons that you take pictures of your Dexcom graphs or is it primarily driven by the social experience?


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