Double Oh Seven

Let this short and sweet post serve as a public service announcement that the latest update of Netflix Instant Watch includes Tomorrow Never Dies (blah), The World is Not Enough (blah) and GoldenEye (Bing!). Depending on who you talk to, there really is no debate as to who the best Bond is. Me? I’m a fan of what Daniel Craig brings to the series. Bond has always been kinda fancy for me in the past and I’m a fan of the brutality. Maybe that’s a sign of something deeper.

I’m sure we can all agree that George Lazenby is at the bottom of the Bond totem pole. Connery is at the top. Roger Moore above Timothy Dalton? Okay. I put Craig above Brosnan. So that comes to:

  1. Connery
  2. Craig
  3. Brosnan
  4. Moore
  5. Dalton
  6. Lazenby

What about you?

Dayle and I are planning an uber Bond marathon session when work calms down, starting at the beginning. And yes, we will include On Her Magesty’s Secret Service.

Also, a whole lot of America’s Funniest Home Videos just showed up on Instant Watch. In case you need a simple laugh.


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