Fear, Doubt and Diabetes


Not gonna lie, I spent most of the day doubting this graph. So much time and energy is spent speculating and correcting and fuming at the moments that my Dexcom sensor reports something out of range that I don’t know what to do when there’s nothing to complain about. Instead of complain about the potential inaccuracies I sit skeptical of the potential (and actual) accuracies. Funny, ‘nit?

Thanks to diabetes I wait for the other shoe to drop instead of appreciate the small victories. My time is devoted to anticipating the next big fail.

WordPress. Just one more thing Droid Does.

One thought on “Fear, Doubt and Diabetes

  1. I found that after the initial novelty wore off, the margin of error and incessant information of the Dexcom was more of a hindrance than a help. I wear mine one week a month and I’m to the point I dread that week.



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