Raising The Bar


I don’t think I made a big hullabaloo about my latest A1c (6.7). It was an improvement from three months ago but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was expecting better than that. After my endocrinologist appointment in the summer I lowered the high alert on my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor to 180 mg/dL with the hopes of further curtailing extended bouts with high blood glucose numbers. I supposed it worked but based on past A1c reports, I could go lower.

There are a number of ways to tackle this issue representing the simultaneous joy and pain of managing this disease. Nutrition is one way – the ever-present elephant in the room when it comes to how I live my life. Fitness is another – we just bought (and Dayle built) an elliptical machine…more on that later. But I don’t think I’ve given the Dexcom a full opportunity to get me back to the position this device was primarily responsible for. Much of my time analyzing my blood glucose has been focused on the high numbers, but what about the low ones?

Here’s the thing. I have self control issues when it comes to treating lows. Sometimes I can have a mint or two glucose tablets and be okay. Other times I blink and see multiple mint wrappers on the floor and my mouth has the distinct taste of strawberry pop-tarts. Logic has a very short lifespan when my meter shows numbers under 60. Under 50? Forget it. Naturally, overtreating a low inevitably leads to more highs, more corrections and more opportunities to ride the glucoaster all over again.

If I can reduce the number of “opportunities” to over treat a low, shouldn’t that bring down the overall average of my blood glucose? I’m sure there is a statistics person reading this that can back me up. The question is, is it worth the effort? And can I really function knowing that 90 mg/dL is the new 80?

I guess that’s two questions.

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One thought on “Raising The Bar

  1. Chris, thanks for sharing this my friend. Sorry your A1c was a bit higher than you’d hoped for and expected. I have those same issues with Low-treating and usually do eat more than is necessary to bring me up in range – when hitting that Low point, it’s typically a sense of just not caring and wanting to get up higher. Of course, I have just the same lack of willpower when it comes to carb-counting and dosing accurately in the evenings after a full day of “following the rules”… so I usually go up higher at night by bedtime, then correct and find myself bottoming out in the middle of the night or early morning hours. It’s a vicious cycle. But, WE CAN DO IT! Good luck your way in doing whats needed for that next A1c, my friend.



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