Walk The Line


I think I have categorized a new “problem” with using a CGM. Granted, the benefits of using this device far outweigh any negatives but I still think it’s fair to look at this thing objectively where possible. It should be noted that my newest A1c came in last week at 6.7; progress from that 6.9 three months ago. Looks like dropping the high alarm from 200 mg/dL to 180 helped with those lingering highs. Wait, I’m supposed to be talking about a negative, right?

The problem I’ve found arises after an extended bout of not eating, commonly during a skipped breakfast period. Seeing a straight line on my CGM display does all kinds of things to my psyche that I should probably get evaluated. It’s a tangible justification that I’m a “good diabetic” even if it comes at the cost of skipping meals. In that context, focusing on that line is almost as bad as focusing on the previously mentioned A1c as an evaluation of the past three months of diabetes management.

Now I don’t think focusing on the line is entirely bad. When it comes to dealing with a tricky meal (like Thanksgiving) or learning the impacts of a new exercise routine that line is one of the best pieces of information you can have. But when the desire to see that line look “normal” turns into deviations from traditional eating habits, that’s not particularly healthy.

This device is great, but I need to be better about focusing on the right pieces of my diabetes care. Trying to cheat the system doesn’t do me any good when I’m the system.

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2 thoughts on “Walk The Line

  1. I’ve also found myself choosing low-carb options (when I might not have otherwise), just because I don’t want to mess up the “pretty line” I have going.

    Not that that is bad, I guess – but the shape of my CGM graph definitely shapes my decisions at times.



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