Jam Session

If you haven’t heard, Kelly Rawlings has a new gig. This means she’s going to be in my neck of the woods more often, which is awesome. Also awesome are the opportunities to hang out with other people from the diabetes community. So much talk online is how to take what we all love about the diabetes community and spread it offline. So when there’s an opportunity to hang out, it’d be silly of me to turn that down.

Lucky for us, Dayle brought cupcakes to the Blunt Lancet Jam Session. Fun times.

Yes, there is bacon on those back two cupcakes. Bacon!

Sometimes it’s important to remember all of the good that comes out of something as bad as diabetes. Sure, this sucks. But moments like these make everything, at least for the evening, at little less sucky.

That last sentence was awfully professional of me, eh?


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