Station Identification


(Left to right)

If you follow any of the blogs (or twitter streams) from the Diabetes Online Community then you are more than aware of November’s importance. American Diabetes Month is a big deal but there are millions of uninformed, undiagnosed and untreated when it comes to Diabetes (big D, for all the types). In November we all shout a little bit louder to raise the collective awareness of this disease, bust some myths and generally inform a public consciousness that could use some help.

Next is a beaded bracelet I received the day after the April 16 shooting. I’ve worn it every day since. It’s a nice reminder that we’re in this together – be it coping with a massacre or to tie it back in…coping with this disease.

Finally, Big Red. Yes, I work here and it’s probably a little tacky but in my defense I was wearing these before I started working for the Association. So there!

Everyone is doing what they can, big or small to shine a little extra light on Diabetes. I might have more to say or do later in the month but for now this ia my contribution. Every bit helps.

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