Feeding The Beast


There are a few conclusions that you could draw from this picture if you have the artistic talents.

1. There isn’t much of a lunch-bump. I suppose that means I handled that Subway cookie like a pro.

2. I’m over-calculating insulin doses and need to be more diligent about that insulin-to-carb ratio thing.

3. I’m not in control. Time spent below that dashed line is higher than it should be and the stress of the lows is not worth the lower A1c.

Honestly it feels like I’m just feeding my Dexcom Continuous Glucose monitor to keep it quiet rather than utilizing the technology at my fingertips and something resembling a balanced diet and proper diabetes management. That’s not how this is supposed to go but this is the reality of the situation: I push too hard for that lower A1c at the “expense” of frequent low alarms. Of course the frequency of those low alarms reaches a saturation point where the only reprieve is to feed the Sensor to shut it up.

That’s healthy.

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