One Sick Puppy

I was sick over the weekend. Quite sick. Thankfully Dayle was willing to put up with my excessive sneezing and nose blowing through most of Saturday and I made a somewhat full recovery by the time I had to go to work in the morning. During my bout with the sniffles I spent most of the time on the couch sleeping, watching Modern Family or watching puppy videos on YouTube. Just as MySpace was designed for 15 year old girls to take pouty, slanted pictures of themselves in mirrors, it is my firm belief that YouTube’s primary objective is the proliferation of puppy videos.

I spent so much time watching clips I came up with my Top 3 Puppy Video categories.

1. Puppy vs. Mirror

2. Puppy’s First Snow

3. Puppy scared of a new toy

Honorable Mentions: Puppy’s First Day Home, Puppy Meets Cat (or Kitten meets Dog) or other house pets, like this one:

(It’s also been determined that I will be the one that’s going to spoil our future-puppy. I think I’m okay with this.)


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