No D-Day: For Real


Today is No D-Day. The idea is that we (people with diabetes) focus so much of our attention and our lives on d*&%$#(+ that a friendly reminder that there’s more going on worth talking (or in this case blogging) about. Ironically a noticeable percentage of the stuff I post here follows that theme but it’s nice when the collective blogging community unites behind a singular purpose for a day. So rather than write about how my pancreas got sick, you get this picture as a representation of my getting “real people” sick. You know, sniffles, tissues, vitamin c, more tissues, red noses sans reindeer. It’s about as awesome as you think it is. On the plus side, if there is such a thing given my situation, these tissues feel like high quality bed sheets. What is wrong with me?

I can’t wait to read about this Simonpalooza dealy next week. I’ll be drinking my Diet Coke out of my Blunt Lancet mug in celebration.

Have a great weekend.

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