Mark All as Read

I did it again. Procrastination got the best of me and the number of unread blog posts became insurmountable. What does that say about me that I can’t commit a few minutes to read content that you carefully craft for the rest of us to consume? I know this doesn’t make me a bad person, or a bad member of the online community. We all have busy lives. Reading blogs has to find its proper place. But does this make me a hypocrite if I have a small level of expectation that my posts will be read but I don’t read others?

I’m not in this for the numbers or the notoriety. I blog because at times it’s my therapy. I can share things here that are often difficult to address. It’s comforting here. I don’t sincerely expect record pageviews each day but I do acknowledge that I have built up an audience for this stuff. I appreciate the fact that you come here to read this stuff, even if it is, at times, drivel.

I don’t think my inability to read all of your posts makes me a hypocrite, but I do think it is poor form. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years from all of the things I’ve read on other blogs and it feels a little disingenuous to just dismiss a few dozen blog posts because the ‘unread’ count is getting too high. I know better than to make empty promises about my blog reading but please know that even if I’m not contributing a comment or a pageview, I do appreciate what you all are doing to contribute to this community.

Please excuse my silly folder names.

2 thoughts on “Mark All as Read

  1. It happens, Chris. No worries. We are busy, and life obviously needs to be lived before blog-reading… I find myself in that situation often. Usually find some off time (or, you know, time that SHOULD be reserved for sleeping) to catch up and try to comment as much as possible, but simply can’t hit them all. Try to also vary comments on location just to try and get across the board a little more regularly. But with so many, it’s tough. You rock, regardless. The show is awesome and it’s always great to hear your voice and just see the twitter-verse discussions and everything. Best your way, my friend!


  2. i find your file names quite funny indeed. teh betus!

    i’m one of those reads-more-than-comments kinda bloggers, but i still get mild anxiety when zeroing out my reader after a vacation or something. sometimes there’s no avoiding it. all you can do is hope that if you miss something earth-shattering, someone will fill you in at some point. but no one’s gonna hold it against you, because we’ve all been there before, i think.

    keep on truckin!



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