Peter Parker


With great control comes many lows. Sure, this isn’t exactly what Uncle Ben told Peter at the beginning of his journey as Spider-Man but it certainly makes sense to a person living with diabetes.

You can see the roller coaster ride of the documented 24-hours – that part is pretty much par for the course. What you also see are the number of times that graph dips below my low threshold. Each one of those moments triggers the test-treat-wait routine. It’s fantastic. Actually, it isn’t.

But this is part of the package deal when you are striving for good glucose control. I hate it. I didn’t ask for this, none of us did (I’m talking about the lows with control part. Obviously none of us want diabetes in our lives.)

So you see the reward for not hitting that high bar frequently. As my control improves so do my chances for yet another low glucose reading. Ironically enough, it’s those low readings that make me think I’m not in control.

Diabetes Sucks.

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