A Problem With Focus

I have a problem with focusing on the big picture. My diabetes care has received extra attention after my last endocrinologist appointment thanks to a lower High Alarm on my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Meter. If my passing judgement is any indicator this has made a significant improvement on my blood glucose control. Regardless of the high alarm, the typical high blood glucose reading has rarely been around for more than an hour or so thanks to the constant notifications Hal Jordan provides. Now that my High Alarm is lower I’m staying in my target range more consistently. This is a good thing.

However, with the increased focus on this one aspect of my diabetes care (and overall health care), other facets have suffered. I refilled my Synthroid and Lisinopril a few weeks ago but hadn’t actually started taking that medication until two days ago (as of this post). Before Sunday night it had been at least three months since I popped one of those pills.

Brushing my teeth has always been an erratic adventure, even before diabetes, but I can’t help but think that my focus on the numbers has hurt my pearly whites too.

I should probably set up an appointment with my opthomolgist to get my once-a-year eye dilation out of the way, right?

I know better. I really do. But these damn numbers are the only thing I think about each day. I suppose that’s the one major trade-off of using this CGM: the data addiction gets stronger over time and with it comes a serious case of tunnel vision.



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